PicStack 2.0

Source:Floating Coder

A resizable digital photo frame widget for your Honeycomb tablet home screen!

Select pictures from your gallery to display, and they will rotate through a slideshow in the widget on the desktop.

**NOTE** This is a widget, not an application and will not show up in the Apps menu, only the widget menu. For some users, the widget does not show up until the device is rebooted. This appears to be a honeycomb issue, effecting multiple widget applications.

First, add the PicStack widget to your desktop from the widget menu by long pressing on the desktop and finding it in the widget menu.

Next, add pictures by opening the gallery, selecting a picture and tap the "Share" icon. Select PicStack and your pictures will be added to your PicStack Widget.

If you long press a picture in the Gallery, it will allow you to select multiple pictures to send at once, or send a whole folder!

Tapping on the widget will open the management screen where you can view the photos in your PicStack widget and remove them from the slide show.

The widget can be resized by long pressing on it.

Tested and works well on the Xoom, Transformer, Picasso and Galaxy Tab. Other Honeycomb tablets should work fine as well.

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